Notice of Special Meeting of the
Yancey County Board of County Commissioners
Scheduled for May 24, 2021


The Yancey County Commissioners will meet Monday, May 24, 2021 at 9:00 a.m in the Commissioners Meeting Room

The purpose of this meeting is

  • To conduct Budget Work Session for budget preparation for FY2021-2022;
  • To hold budget discussions, make adjustments, and amendments for FY 2020-21;
  • To consider a reimbursement resolution for the purchase of motor vehicles
  • To consider a reimbursement resolution for expenditures related to the Little Leaf Farms economic development project; and, to hold a public hearing to receive public input and take action on the appropriation of funds for purposes related to the purchase of land for the Little Leaf Farms economic development project.

Please read the notice for full details:

Public Meeting Notice

Our Location

 Our offices are located in the Yancey County Courthouse on the Burnsville Town Square

Yancey County Government
110 Town Square
Burnsville, NC 28714