FEMA Public Assistance Program for FEMA Reimbursement

All local governments and certain nonprofits in the state are eligible to apply to the FEMA Public Assistance Program for FEMA reimbursement to assist with emergency expenses related to responding to COVID-19. To start the process, those interested in applying for FEMA reimbursement must participate in an Applicant Briefing webinar. NCEM is conducting another series of Applicant Briefing webinars during the week of April 6.

Please see the Applicant Briefing Schedule for next week’s schedule and webinar instructions.

Applicant Briefing Schedule

Also attached is a summary of the FEMA Public Assistance Program which includes information on how to register for the FEMA Public Assistance Program.

FEMA Public Assistance Program Summary

If you participated in one of this week’s Applicant Briefings, next week’s sessions will provide the same information; you are not required to participate again. If you were not able to join us this week, please do so next week.

PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES, OTHER LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IN YOUR AREA, AND YOUR NONPROFIT PARTNERS. Some of your nonprofit partners might not know they eligible for FEMA reimbursement, so it is important that we reach as many as possible to make them aware of this opportunity and the need to participate in an Applicant Briefing.

More information is available at the NCEM COVID-19 Public Assistance website and the School of Government’s COVID-19 Emergency Management website. Applicant briefing slides are posted on both websites.



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