Altec Associates Volunteer Service at Cane River Park

Nearly 50 associates from Altec spent two days last week volunteering at Cane River Park. These workers contributed over 800 combined man-hours clearing the park of storm debris, repairing fencing and other improvement projects at the popular park damaged by flood waters from the remnants of Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

Altec management approached County Manager Nathan Bennett with the idea of this park clean-up project in late October which was enthusiastically received. “I appreciate all that Altec does for our community. They are more than an employer, they are genuinely interested and engaged in activities to make Yancey County a great place to live and work. Yancey County Government is proud of the great relationship we have with Altec and this park clean-up project is just another awesome investment by Altec to support the great work we can do together,” stated Yancey County Manager Nathan Bennett.

“Altec always makes an effort to support the communities in which we operate. When we first mentioned the idea of helping clean up the park, we had a tremendous amount of interest from our associates and ended up with over 40 volunteers. We are glad to be able to share the great work ethic of the local people to make a difference in cleaning up after the storms,” stated Altec plant manager Jeff Mooney.

“We were glad to be able to help the county out and do our part as a corporate citizen. We are proud to be located in Yancey County,” stated Altec personnel director Bryan Peterson.

County officials continue to work with FEMA and N.C. Emergency Management to secure disaster recovery funds to cover storm damage costs including the engineering and construction to repair the protective barrier breached by the flood water. Permanent repair to the barrier and the other areas near the river will be made as soon as approvals are received from state authorities. The park is open but users are to use caution and remain away from construction areas closed to the public.

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