Yancey Commissioners Recognize and Honor Yancey County Fire and Rescue Departments

At their October meeting, Yancey County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution honoring and thanking every volunteer fire and rescue department in Yancey County for their valuable service during Hurricane Florence last month. The remnants of Hurricane Florence arrived in Yancey County with heavy rains causing significant flooding along the Cane River and South Toe River and their tributaries. County officials issued a state of emergency due to the severe weather conditions to allow emergency workers to respond to flooding, fallen trees, medical emergencies and other public safety concerns.

"The volunteer fire and rescue services of Yancey County responded to the call to duty and worked around the clock to answer calls for service from citizens...Yancey County is blessed to have volunteer firefighters, first responders and rescue personnel who, day in and day out, sacrifice personal time away from their own families in order to serve and protect the citizens of their community," states the resolution in part. As part of the discussion on the resolution, each commissioner expressed their personal gratitude and thanks for what our volunteer fire and rescue agencies do for our community.

"The commissioners wanted to recognize the brave men and women of each fire department and rescue squad for their service to our community, not only during Hurricane Florence, but every day, and be sure that they know how much we appreciate them and that their hard work does not go unnoticed by Yancey County Government," stated Commissioner Johnny Riddle. As an additional tribute, the commissioners proclaimed Wednesday, October 10, 2018 as "Yancey County Volunteer Firefighter, First Responder and Rescue Day" in Yancey County. Citizens are encouraged to take a moment to recognize these true leaders in our community and thank them for their valuable service.

You can read the entire resolution on the Yancey County Government here:

Resolution To Recognize And Honor The Yancey County Volunteer Fire And Rescue Service For Response And Recovery To Hurricane Florence