Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are essentially the computer applications that allow an organization to relate all of its data to points, lines or areas upon the earth. Examples of GIS data include parcels, street centerlines, surface water, elevations (contours), and aerial imagery.

The County of Yancey acquires, develops, maintains and uses GIS data in support of its internal business functions and the public services it provides. The GIS data which Yancey County distributes and to which it provides access may not be suitable for other purposes or uses. It is the requestor's responsibility to verify any information derived from the GIS data before making any decisions or taking any actions based on the information.

Yancey County GIS Website


Yancey County GIS data can be downloaded at this location: Yancey County GIS Public Data Download


Flood Determination/Certification is provided by the Building Inspections Dept
Phone: 828-682-7833


Zoning questions need to be directed to the Town of Burnsville
Public Works Dept - 828-682-7216 or 828-682-2420.


Our Location

 Our offices are located in the Yancey County Courthouse on the Burnsville Town Square

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