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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Yancey County Numbers (Courtesy Yancey County Health Department)

Tested - 1,425
Pending - 111
Negative - 1,268
Active positive - 5
Recovered - 41

2 new positives as of 5:12pm on 7/2/2020. 

NC SERT Leader Update

 Be Safe This 4th of July Weekend: With the 4th of July approaching many people are looking to celebrate America’s independence, which for some means gathering with family and friends. We must remember to be vigilant this year in our efforts to combat COVID-19 by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.   

School in COVID-19 Environment: Echoing Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Secretary Many Cohen, schools are fundamental to child development and well-being and provide our children with academic instruction, social and emotional skills, safety, reliable nutrition, physical/speech and mental health therapy, and opportunities for physical activity, among other benefits. This is why we are working diligently to help ensure schools can reopen in the safest manner possible. Gov. Cooper and his staff, as well NCEM, DHHS, the Department of Public Instruction and the NC Board of Education have been in contact with schools, teachers, parents, and health experts to ensure that plans for school this coming year will protect everybody, especially those at high-risk. To help in this endeavor the state released the Strong Schools NC Public Health Toolkit to help schools prepare plans that include in person instruction with full and reduced class sizes, with key health and safety rules in place, to remote learning for all students.

To help ensure teachers, staff and students will have adequate protection the state distributed supplies of personal protective equipment to school systems and charter schools across the state, including a two-month supply of thermometers, surgical masks, face shields & gowns. School leaders have already received guidance from the Department of Public Instruction on what supplies they will receive, what supplies they should plan to purchase for their school or district, and to understand how and when to use personal protective equipment. They have also been given information on how to purchase future supplies using state contracts. Visit here  to see Gov. Cooper’s release about this.  

On 29 June, the Governor signed Senate Bill 113, which provides flexibility to districts to schedule remote learning days during the 2020-21 school year depending on the health and safety needs of their students and staff. The NC Department of Health and Human Services guidance encourages school districts to develop three plans for operating next year, two of which would require school districts to plan for more than five remote learning days.  

All school districts and nearly all charter schools have submitted their plans to the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) for their summer “jump start” programs. Funded through the CARES Act, the intent of these programs are to provide extra academic support during the summer and prior to the start of the school year to rising 1st-5th grade students who were below grade level in reading and math at the time of school closure in March. DPI will submit the plans to the State Board of Education in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Yancey County Numbers

Tested - 1,322
Pending - 86
Negative - 1,192
Active Positive – 4
Recovered – 40

NO new positives as of 4:38pm on 7/1//2020

AMY Childcare Update

Why Should I Be Tested

  • DHHS Newsletter
  • Nursing Home Testing for COVID-19: The NC Department of Health and Human Services is collaborating with CVS/Omnicare for a one-time COVID-19 testing initiative of all residents and staff in nursing homes. An estimated 36,000 residents and 25,000 staff in over 400 nursing homes in the state will be tested between now and the middle of August.

  • COVID-19 Antibody Test from Red Cross: The American Red Cross will test all blood, platelet and plasma donations for COVID-19 antibodies as an additional health service to donors. This testing may provide critical insight into whether donors have had exposure to COVID-19. The Red Cross will provide this testing for a limited period. While they have not announced a set date for ending the program, they indicate they will continue throughout the summer months. Over the coming months they will evaluate if they are able to continue testing dependent on available funding and the evolving needs of the pandemic.

  • C19 Emergency Solutions Grant: the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Allocation letter to Continuums of Care/Counties on 15 June. The Request for Application (RFA) process for NC Emergency Solutions Grant providers to submit ESG-CV proposals opened on 22 June. DHHS’s Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) will administer ESG funds.  DHHS is seeking proposals for up to $16.5 million in ESG CARES Act funding for homeless service providers in North Carolina to assist in responding to this public health crisis subject to availability and appropriation of the funds. Deadline for Submission is Friday, 17 July 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Visit here for more information.
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Yancey County Numbers (Courtesy Yancey County Health Department)

Tested - 1,309
Pending - 97
Negative - 1,170
Active Positive - 4
Recovered - 40

2 new positives as of 4:20pm on 6/30/2020

NC DHHS COVID-19: COVID-19 North Carolina Dashboard

NC.gov: North Carolina COVID-19 Information Hub

Monday, June 29, 2020

Yancey County Numbers (Courtesy Yancey County Health Department)

Tested - 1,284
Pending - 74
Negative - 1,168
Active positive - 2
Recovered - 40

NO new positives as of 4:26pm on 6/29/2020

NC SERT Leader Update

First Vendors Selected to Expand Testing and Contact Tracing for COVID-19: NCDHHS selected 26 businesses to form its initial pool of qualified vendors to support the state’s response to COVID-19. https://www.ncdhhs.gov/news/press-releases/ncdhhs-selects-first-vendors-expand-testing-and-contact-tracing-covid-19 (read the full press release here)

NEW in Spanish: StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit during the C19 Pandemic: https://files.nc.gov/covid/documents/guidance/education/Strong-Schools-NC-Public-Health-Toolkit-SPANISH.pdf

NEW Dates Added to Pop-Up Testing Sites during the C19 Pandemic: https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/about-covid-19/testing/find-my-testing-place/pop-testing-sites

NCDHHS COVID-19 Dashboard Updates: numerous valuable resources have been updated or newly-added to NCDHHS’s COVID-19 dashboard

New Clusters in Child Care and School Settings Report is now available

Updated Ongoing Outbreaks in Congregate Living Settings is now available

Updated Risk Factors for Severe Illness Report is now available

New Outbreaks and Clusters page is now available

Updated Weekly Outbreaks in Congregate Settings is now available

Updated Weekly COVID-19 Patients Presumed to be Recovered report is now available

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Yancey County Numbers

Tested- 1,226
Negative- 1,127
Pending- 57
Total Positive 42 - ( 9 are active & 33 are recovered )

NC SERT Leader Update as of 24JUN2020

The state’s trajectory in percent of tests returning positive over 14 days also remains elevated. The data also shows that the trajectory of lab-confirmed cases is still increasing, though starting to level. While we have capacity in our healthcare system, the trajectory of hospitalizations is also increasing. The state continues building capacity to respond adequately to an increase in virus spread, however, prevention would be preferable.

Carolina Loggers Seek COVID-19 Relief Package: The Carolina Loggers Association (CLA) has joined the national effort seeking a $2.5 billion federal relief package for loggers and log trucking companies due to Covid-19. Rural communities across the U.S. are feeling the substantial economic impacts, and need assistance. The CLA believes that the wood supply chain is brittle and critical to keeping this country’s $300 billion wood economy from stalling.

School PPE Push: Here’s the latest update on the School PPE Push. Beginning on Monday, 29 Jun 20, the SERT will begin execution of the School PPE Push Operation and will conclude on Wednesday, 1 July 2020. We will deliver PPE to the 203 Charter Schools via UPS. We will deliver PPE to the 116 Public School Districts either via UPS (smaller districts) or directly to the School District Warehouse via NCNG LMTVs or Contracted Trucking (larger districts). School leadership should already have this information. I have included a spreadsheet with schools, delivery addresses and amounts of PPE.

Additionally, NCDHHS has issued StrongSchoolsNC Infection Control and PPE Guidance (K-12)  as a companion piece to the StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit (K-12) which was issued on June 8th, 2020.  The guidance is for School Superintendents and other leaders to understand what supplies they will receive from the State vs. what supplies they should plan to purchase for their school or district and School nurses and delegated staff, to understand how and when to use PPE. 

The State will supply all public schools (traditional and charter) “PPE Starter Packs” which include a two-month supply of certain PPE items for school nurses and delegated staff who provide health care to students for the 2020-2021 school year. The PPE Starter Pack will include a two-month supply of Thermometers, Surgical masks, Face shields & Gowns.

Districts and schools are responsible for purchasing their own additional supplies of PPE and other infection control materials (such as cloth face coverings for teachers and students) using guidance issued by NCDHHS and NCDPI.  The StrongSchoolsNC Infection Control and PPE Guidance (K-12) outlines how districts and schools can take advantage of statewide term contracts to purchase infection control supplies at a discounted rate and lists vendors they can contact to order supplies

Improved Online Applications for Medicaid and Food and Nutrition Services: The NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) released improved online applications for Medicaid and Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) that will help both North Carolina families and county Departments of Social Services (DSS) during the COVID-19 pandemic. These new applications will reduce administrative burden for county DSS and help applicants maintain social distancing when applying for these programs. Learn more here

 WIC Waiver Extensions during C19 Pandemic: USDA Food and Nutrition Services approved North Carolina’s request to extend the following WIC waivers through July 31: Physical Presence, Remote Benefit Issuance, Extended Certification Periods, Food Package Whole Grains, and Food Package Milk.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing During COVID-19:
In discussion with grocers and food manufactures, the NCEM Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) reports that while they scramble to keep up with demand, many are now contending with coronavirus outbreaks in their factories. Until all their workers are tested, some factories are shutting down plants indefinitely, while others havereduced production capacity. Several have temporarily closed to deep clean their facilities and configure their spaces for greater social distancing.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Yancey County Numbers

Tested - 1,207
Pending - 62
Negative - 1,104
Active Positive – 9
Recovered – 32

Governor Cooper announces mandatory wear of face coverings in public settings

Executive Order 147 Phase 2 Extension

Executive Order 147 FAQ's

NC DHHS Interim Guidance for Face Coverings


Special Needs Concerns

NCEM Guidance on considerations of people with disabilities and other access and functional needs for COVID-19 (audience is emergency planners)

Information from North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services on COVID-19

Autism Society of NC 

5 Things to Know about Coronavirus and People with Disabilities (Forbes, 3/8/20) 

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) 

 Rocky Mountain ADA blog