The Yancey County 911 Emergency Communications Center dispatches for Yancey County Sheriff’s Department, Burnsville Police, Yancey Rescue, Yancey EMS, and all 8 Volunteer Fire Departments.

We are a division of Yancey County Emergency Services and are located in the old jail located below the Yancey County Courthouse on East Blvd. The Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure emergency response calls are received and routed to the appropriate response agencies.


When to Call 911

  • If someone is hurt
  • If you see someone taking something that belongs to someone else
  • If you see someone hurting someone else
  • If you smell smoke or see fire

When NOT to call 911

  • Do not prank call 911 – Our system allows us to pinpoint your location. If you hang up, we will call you back. If you do not answer, 911 Operators are required to send a Law Enforcement Officer to verify your well-being and safety. It is a criminal offense to intentionally abuse the 911 system.
  • 911 should never be used for information such as weather and road closures
  • 911 is extremely reliable. Do not call just to be sure that it works.

Text to 911

Things to know:
If possible call instead of texting
- 911 Operators can get more information from you quicker with a phone call
- 911 Operators will ask where you are. Current technology doesn’t pinpoint your location….yet.
What are some situations that are good for texting 911:
- You are hiding and would be in danger if someone knows where you are
- Sometimes texts will go through even when a mobile call will not go out
If you text 911, what should you know beforehand:
- First thing, tell the 911 Operator where you are (address of nearest landmark)
- Then tell them if you need fire, medical, or law enforcement