Yancey County Community Paramedic Program

The Community Paramedic program is designed to bridge the gap between access to primary care services and the needs of the community. Community Paramedicine is a new concept in healthcare delivery and differs in the traditional role of a paramedic on an ambulance in the 911 setting. The Community Paramedic operates in an expanded role, bridging health care gaps and improving access with home visits while decreasing healthcare costs.

A message from the Community Paramedic, Evan Carroll:

Serving Madison County on a 911 truck for the last seven years after obtaining my Associates Degree in Emergency Medical Science, I have transitioned to a new role in Yancey County as a Community Paramedic. Born and raised in Yancey County, I am excited to be able to deliver care at home in my community. The community paramedic role provides a service that can impact many lives within our community and I look forward to caring for community members as the new Community Paramedic in Yancey County.

The Community Paramedic Program will be providing the following services:

  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Home Safety Assessment
  • CO/Smoke Detector Inspection
  • Hypertension Follow Up
  • 72hr Opioid Misuse Follow up
  • Physical Assessment
  • Vital Signs Assessment
  • Blood Glucose Assessment
  • Medication Compliance
  • 12 Lead/ 15 Lead ECG
  • Influenza Vaccination
  • Education/ Review of Care Plan
  • COVID-19 Vaccination
  • COVID-19 Testing
  • Blood Draw
  • Urinalysis

For Healthcare Providers:

  • Download and fill out the Referral Form below
  • Please include a discharge note or most recent chart notes to assist the Community Paramedic in preparing for the appointment.
  • Please contact the patient and inform them of the referral so they will be expecting our phone call.
  • If the visit reveals anything urgent, the referring provider will be contacted otherwise a summary letter will be faxed to the requesting provider’s office.