At their meeting for February, the Yancey County Commissioners received reports and took action on several important items. The commissioners were once again pleased to welcome all of the parents, children, and young adults who were award winners in the 4-H program. As always, Yancey County was well represented at the district and state level by the Yancey County 4-H group. The commissioners also approved a project proposed by 4-H member Kyler Glover to coordinate with local nonprofits and to supply them with volunteers between the ages of 9-19.

The commissioners also received the financial audit for the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2016. The audit report was given by Mr. Brian Broom with Dixon, Hughes, Goodman, LLP. Mr. Broom stated that the County was in good financial shape and commended the County on the work that had been done over the last 8 years to put the County in such a good financial position. Mr. Broom stated that, "The Local Government Commission, which oversees local governments, has told me that they use Yancey County as an example of how to rebuild your financial situation to other local governments who get themselves into financial trouble."

In January the commissioners heard a report from the Agricultural Task Force and received an action plan to support agriculture in Yancey County. The first recommendation in that plan was for the County to adopt a Voluntary Agricultural District (VAD) ordinance. This ordinance provides protection for farmers and opens up new opportunities for agriculture, while being completely voluntary for farmers to participate. Yancey was one of only twelve counties in North Carolina to not participate in the VAD program. The commissioners demonstrated their commitment to agriculture in Yancey County by passing this ordinance unanimously.

The commissioners also received exciting news from County Manager Nathan Bennett. Mr. Bennett informed the commissioners that the first line of the East Yancey Sewer has been approved to open. "After more than 20 years of planning and construction, I am pleased to say that the folks in Micaville along Highway 80 South to Hickory Springs can now connect to the sewer system", stated Mr. Bennett. Work continues on the portion of the system back to Burnsville and work should be completed by October of this year. Anyone who is interested in connecting to the East Yancey sewer system in the Micaville area should go by Burnsville Town Hall and pick up an application or call 682-2420.


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